Izmir is Turkey’s third major city. It is located on the Aegean shores, where the brilliant greens and blues blend.

With 30 districts, Izmir’s population is nearly 4.32 million. It is a popular location for investors due to its logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, multi-industry formation and high living standards.





With a history dating back 8,500 years, Izmir was home to many great civilizations, including the Hittites, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans.

The port city of Izmir offers a myriad of historical structures and artifacts. It features countless treasures, including the Temple of Artemis, one of the world’s Seven Wonders, and the House of Virgin Mary.

Izmir has been under the Ottoman rule for nearly 500 years, serving as a gateway to the outside world with its port. The antique port of Izmir welcomed tradesmen from all over the world.

Subsequently, the city has transformed into a multi-cultural open-air museum that celebrates the diverse cultures that have converged and exchanged ideas.

Significant works that reflect Izmir’s historical make-up include the Antique City of Ephesus, the Antique City of Allianoi, Agia Fotini Church, Kemeraltı Bazaar, and the Historical Elevator.

Future of

Izmir boasts major projects and draws constant interest from investors, thanks to its geopolitical location, logistics means and proximity to raw materials.

Investors get a return on their investments thanks to this ever-increasing demand for Izmir, not only domestically but from the neighboring countries as well.

A 500,000-person living area is under construction with the “Yeni Kent Merkezi” (New City Center) project on the Alsancak-Bayraklı-Turan coastal strip of Izmir. The city is surely on its way to becoming the new center of attraction with superior residences, marinas, ports, entertainment and culture centers, parks, and coastal strips.

The city’s technological future also looks bright with the Industry 4.0 projects, drawing investors as it becomes the fastest-growing metropolis in Turkey and the world.

Izmir is one of the rare cities that can attract even people from Istanbul to relocate. This is remarkable, as Istanbul itself is the city that people move to from all other cities. Izmir is already a favorite amongst the Istanbulites, owing to its mild climate, calm way of life, new and growing business opportunities, and real estate investments.

Planned for completion by the end of 2018, the Izmir/Çeşme-Istanbul Highway Project will cut the seven-hour travel time to 3.5 hours, making the city the most valued living area for investors from Istanbul.

More direct flights are offered to many different destinations from the growing Izmir Adnan Menderes airport, which has become one of Turkey’s biggest and most comfortable airports. Also in the works is the Çeşme Airport, slated to open in 2019. Collectively these developments drum up interest from foreign tourists, especially Europeans.

İZMİR, the CITY of
FAIRS and Congresses

Izmir has been a leader in international fairs since it began hosting them during the early days of the Republic. It held the first-ever fair in Turkey on February 17, 1923.

The city leads Turkey with the tens of fairs it holds, graciously welcoming guests from other cities and countries to the Fuar Izmir event.

Fuar Izmir is one of the city’s most coveted exhibition venues, featuring state-of-the-art technology to serve guests on a 330,000-m² area.

The Izmir International Fair (IIF) held at Kültür Park Exhibition area each year; the International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair (Marble), held at Fuar Izmir; the Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair (IF Wedding); and the Izmir Property and Real Estate Fair are among the world’s most important fairs.


Izmir is Turkey’s center attraction with one-of-a-kind white sands, blue-flag beaches, delicious foods, and festivals.

The city, especially Çeşme, is the first place that comes to mind when planning a Turkish vacation. Each year, two million domestic and foreign tourists visit Izmir.

Thousands of tourists flock to the city every year for its festivals. The most popular among these are the Alaçatı Herbs Festival, the International Bayındır Flower Festival, the Urla Artichoke Festival, and the Izmir Theater Festival. The Wine Festival, held at the Marina in Çeşme, is another great option for those who enjoy wine tasting.

Çeşme is the home of splendid bays, such as Ilıca, Alaçatı, Paşalimanı, Ardıç, and Boyalık, and provides many surreal experiences for domestic and foreign guests looking to rest and have fun.

Seafood-focused gastronomic culture and the addition of tens of new restaurants has turned Izmir into Turkey’s flavor capital.

Izmir is home to 70,000 touristic facilities of international standards. Appealing to diverse tastes and needs, these facilities encompass a wide range of offerings, from boutique historical buildings to five-star hotels.